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Morning Papers

One of my nieces gifted this beautifully covered Liberty notebook to me, together with a copy of "Seeking Wisdom" by Julia Cameron.

She meant to buy "The Artist's Way" and wanted to go back and exchange it, but I believe she made this subconscious mistake for a reason. Besides, following an earlier discussion, I had already ordered a copy for my husband and we certainly didn't need two copies.

The author describes The Artist's Way as "a course in discovering and recovering your creative self" and there are two pivotal tools in creative recovery: the morning papers and the artist date.

The morning papers are three pages of longhand writing that you do every morning writing whatever comes to mind. Nothing is too silly or weird to be included. The aim of the exercise is to connect with your artist's brain, almost as if you were undertaking a morning meditation.

It enables you to unblock your mind and bypass that inner censor that tells you your artistic endeavours, whatever they are, are stupid and pointless.

You can write your morning pages in any kind of notebook or on loose sheets of paper, but I must admit to having a huge smile of pleasure when I pick up my special notebook. Thank you, Natasha, for your gift.

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