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Flag of Hope.

I am very proud of my Polish heritage, never more so than watching the entire country helping Ukrainian refugees with food, shelter and emotional support.

The United Kingdom, where I was born and choose to live, is also a source of pride in its military aid for Ukraine's heroic battle against Putin. I just wish the government would match the generosity of its people by scrapping the visa requirements for victims of war.

Why am I telling you all this? Because friends have pointed out that the Ukrainian flag on my home page might make people think I am Ukrainian. I'm not, although I recently found out my father was born in Ukraine, albeit in an area once considered Polish.

Now, I wouldn't normally place any flag on my home page: my patriotism isn't of a flag waving variety.

However, the shocking invasion of a peaceful country by a megalomaniac tyrant is something that breaks my heart on a daily basis.

Without NATO's intervention, or far more stringent and unified sanctions, this war could go on for months, if not years, and see the total destruction of a beautiful country and a brave people.

The parallels with Poland's destruction during the Second World War add another layer of pain to our sympathy for Ukraine.

That is why I fly the flag on my home page and sport yellow and blue ribbons on our front door. It's to say: "We stand by you and we won't forget you."

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