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If you have the chance to see Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club in London's Playhouse Theatre, go.

It is simply the best show I have ever seen. Fra Fee as the Emcee and Amy Lennox as Sally Bowles are outstanding but there isn't a weak link in the entire production.

Sometimes you watch musical theatre and the actors can't sing or the singers can't act or both. Not in Cabaret: everyone's performance is superb.

I love theatre far more than film and yet film can move me to tears easily. Not so the theatre where I have only cried twice: once watching Juliet Stevenson in Death and the Maiden and the second watching Pauline Collins in Shirley Valentine.

During Cabaret, tears rolled down my cheeks at least three times.

I will never forget Amy Lennox performing Life is a Cabaret with such mesmerising emotion or the cast singing Tomorrow Belongs to Me with its heart-stopping theatricality or the poignant love story between Vivien Parry as Fraulein Schneider and Richard Katz as Herr Schultz.

Emcee Fra Fee is so amusing, so entertaining, and so ultimately menacing that he send shivers down your spine.

Cabaret is about the rise of Nazi Germany and yet you leave the theatre thinking how pertinent it all seems to our lives today. And that is the most chilling aspect of all.

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