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After - available now

Here it is - a striking cover with an inspired typeface hinting at emotional breakdown and physical chaos.

As followers of this website know, my second book tells the story of Gestapo officer, Heinz Bauer, as he returns home in the aftermath of the Second World War. His past haunts him and danger abounds.

His wife, Henni, wounded by her own experiences of the war shuts him out to his increasing despair and bitterness.

As he tries to piece together his shattered life, is he ready to face the truth about the man he is and the decisions he has made? Or will he remain cocooned in his complacency?

The book retails at £9.99 and is available from all good bookshops. (Someone asked me if that meant it wasn't available from bad bookshops, but all I mean is that I hope people support their local bookshop rather than a certain online behemoth who takes a massive percentage from every sale. You know who I mean!)

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